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Achivement Detail of Achivement of TB Intensified Programme

Programme Achievements

•Infected workers working as link workers at 16 ICTC at Catchment area South 24 Parganas.
•New Case Detected at our 16 working ICTC – 59
•Linked To ART Centre –55
•If the Patients were not linked to ART Centre the Number of dropouts would have increased, the 
death rate and spread of disease would have increased.
•59 New and 701 Old Client Families were Home visited and given Counselling.
•ICTC Eligible Spouse, Partner and Children were tested. New 35, Old 10, Detected 7.
•380 TB Testing. Detected 18, DOTS Treatment started on 18 clients.
•400 LFU Clients were Track Back to the ART centre.
•In this year 82 meetings were held with 748 HIV and TB Patients. Subjects of the meeting were 
basic HIV and TB, sensitize on the use of condoms, importance of ART Treatment, Health 
and Hygiene, discussion on Govt. Schemes and Entitlements.
•We tried to solve 10 Issues on Stigma and Discrimination.
•600 clients were linked to Govt. Scheme Of Rs. 600 , 200 clients were linked with Free 
Transport Pass, 5 clients were linked to Indra Awaas Yojna.