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Event Detail of Foundation of SNP+ 2018

South 24 PG Network for People Living with HIV/AIDS (SNP+) celebrated its 14th Birthday Ceremony on 21st November 2018 at Rabindra Bhavan, Baruipur, and South 24 Parganas of West Bengal. SNP+ is a professionally managed committed CBO active in community capacity building and issue-based networking. The primary focus of SNP+ is on the problems of the people living with HIV/AIDS and TB in their struggle to obtain a life of justice and dignity. Environment stabilization, security, empowerment and improve quality of life of community people living with HIV/AIDS and TB for self-governance are the most important components of its mission. Gender justice, community health and livelihood, child education and social security are our primary areas of concern.

Programme Venue: Rabindra Bhavan,Baruipur.

Time: 11 A.M- 4 P.M

Main Objectives of the Programme: SNP+ is to respond to the needs of the people who have no access to receive education/information regarding HIV/AIDS/TB & to improve quality of life of HIV positive people and other marginalized & to improve the quality of life of PLHIV/TB and other marginalized & vulnerable population in society.

1. To promote and protect the human rights of PLHIV/TB.

2. To function as a coalition of community based organization .

3. To promote social acceptance of PLHIV/TB and to stop stigma and discrimination.

4. Through this programme all PLHIV/TB clients will share their experiences with each other regarding their status, this experience will help others to disclose their HIV /TB status.

5. Through this programme lot of HIV/TB infected and affected people coming tougher to talk and share their daily life experiences, so it will help those HIV/TB infected people who are still keep him/her hidden due to stigma, discrimination and violence.

6. Early detection and early treatment for PLHIV/TB through Test and Treatment etc.

 Programme content:

We organized a rally from Baruipur Hospital to Baruipur Rabindra Bhavan with PLHIV/TB infected and affected people, Government functionaries, Health workers, General people and other NGO partners at 11 AM. Through this rally we want to aware peoples and also give some information about HIV/TB. In this rally there are 1000 PLHIV and TB infected and affected peoples participated along with few social workers and public representatives.

1. Programme started at Rabindra Bhavan, Baruipur at 12 noon.

2. After Completion of rally program all participants and delegates took places their own seat at Rabindra Bhawan. At Rabindra Bhavan the program was started through “Athithi Baran” by children living with HIV/AIDS in which they gave away some drawing postcard to them. The Sabhapati, Baruipur Panchayat Samiti Mrs. Kakan Das, The Superintendent, Baruipur MahukumaHospital Mrs…Dr. Jaya Banerjee, Dr. Pranab Kumar Majhi and Purnima Hazra, Sahasabhadhipati , Zilla Parishad, South 24 Parganas formally inaugurated the programme with lighting a candle.

3. President of SNP+ delivered his welcome address to all guests, invitees, friends, staffs and other participants. Mr. Mondal also explained in which situation and from what crisis SNP+ has formed. With the same, he also explained the SNP+ objectives and next plan of its intervention.

4. The entire programme was graced through various cultural programmes, performed by children and members of SNP+. At first a welcome song was sung by song group of SNP+.

5. Then a dance performed by some children of SNP+.

6. Awareness song on HIV/TB performed by SNP+ cultural group.

7. Group dance and Yoga performed by children from Offer home who also associates with DLN.

8. Awareness song on HIV/TB performed by Baruipur Tathya Sanskritik Daftar.

9. The speech delivered by Dr. P.K. Majhi who talked about issues of HIV /TB, what is the problem and what can be the mitigation measures, he also honoured SNP+ by saying that “they are doing a fantastic job by making this community stronger “.

10. Mrs. Jaya Banerjee, Superidentent, Baruipur Hospital also congratulates SNP+ for completing 14 years and applaudes the work done by us and she assured us and all the community to give all the support from hospital. She also give information about Link –ARTC facility and testing which is done at Baruipur Mahukuma Hospital and also invites all the community to visit Baruipur Mahukuma Hospital if they faces any problem.

11. Mrs. Kakan Das, Sabhapati, Baruipur panchayat Samiti said , “ As we are political person we do not have much idea regarding organisation’swork in past but whatever I understand regarding HIV/AIDS , I will say that they need support and Cooperation from the society.” She also appeal all the people to stop stigma and discrimination against PLHIV and also congratulates SNP+ for their work towards community and she also insured us that Baruipur block will support SNP+ in all their work towards community.

12. Purnima Hazra , Sahasabhadhipati, Zila Parishad ,South 24 PGS said that all the PLHIV should given equal rights and all the government facility , she also assured all that she will try to help all community members in all needs. She also congratulates SNP+ for organizing such a beautiful event with PLHIV peoples and raise their voice in the society.

13. Mr. Milan Dinda , Director, Thali project addresses that we need to do community engagement with the help of network to decrease number of HIV/ TB patients.

14. Jagati Bagchi , Senior manager- CSR , Fogla foundation said ,” I want to congratulate SNP+ for completing 14 years and also thanks SNP+ for inviting me.” she also said that she associates with SNP+ since many years and also runs a programme together in the past.

15. Apart from other delegates, Lab technicians and ICTC of Diamond Harbour Hospital and Baruipur Mahakuma Hospital said that they will help people in all the testing related matter.

Thanks of vote to all the participants and all respected delegates given by secretary of the organisation and requested all for have faith in SNP+ and support organisation in its work towards organisation.