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Event Detail of World AIDS Day Observation for 2018

Report of World AIDS Day, 2018 observed by South 24 PG Network for People Living with HIV/AIDS (SNP+)

1st December is the World AIDS Day. South 24 PG Network for People Living with HIV/AIDS (SNP+) , a state level social development organization observed the this year World AIDS with various social mobilization activities through various community dialogue programs in different places of South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal.  South 24 Parganas district heath department, Baruipur Sub-Division hospital and Diamond Harbour Sub- Division hospital administration jointly organized different social mobilization activities to generate information on HIV/AIS and increasing common people’s awareness about HIV/AIDS and its prevention, control steps taken by government. This year the program theme was “Know your Status”

One of those glorious programs a special program was organized at Sonarpur Railway station to observe the World AIDS Day, 2018. Detail program is discussed in following foot print.

Objectives of the Program:

SNP+ is to respond to the needs of the people who have no access to receive education/information regarding HIV/AIDS/TB & to improve quality of life of HIV positive people and other marginalized & vulnerable population in society.

1. To function as a coalition of community based organization.

2. To promote and protect the human rights of PLHIV/TB.

3. To improve the quality of life of PLHIV/TB and other marginalized & vulnerable population of society.

4. To promote social acceptance of PLHIV/TB and to stop stigma and discrimination.

5. Through this programme all PLHIV/TB clients will share their experiences with each other regarding their status; this experience will help others to disclose their HIV /TB status.

6. Through this programme lot of HIV/TB infected and affected people coming tougher to talk and share their daily life experiences, so it will help those HIV/TB infected people who are still keep him/her hidden due to stigma, discrimination and violence.

7. Early detection and early treatment for PLHIV/TB through Test and Treatment etc.

Program content:

We observed this important day with one awareness stall regarding HIV/AIDS & TB at Sonarpur Railway Station.IEC Materials distribution, Condom demonstration & distribution and Magic show was performed in this program from 8am to 6pm.

We also organized a rally from Sonarpur Police station. The rally was touched the high population density areas like Khiriztala, Baidyapara, Sonarpur State Bank of India and lastly completed at Sonarpur Railway Station. More than 200 PLHIV/TB infected and affected people, IMA (Sonarpur), various Government functionaries, Health workers, General people, and other significant personalities of the society walked and participated in the Rally program. Through this entire Rally program SNP+ wanted to aware peoples and also provides some information about HIV/AIDS and TB. After the completion of rally program food packet was distributed to participants.

1. The Program at Sonarpur Railway station was started at 8 AM with the opening of an awareness stall regarding HIV/AIDS, TB.

2. IEC Materials distribution, Condom demonstration & distribution and Counselling were provided to the common people.

3. At 3 PM a magic show was performed by Suman Chowdhury from WBSAPS who showed us a tremendous show and also aware and gave away some information to common peoples by using his tricks regarding HIV/AIDS and TB. The common people near the railway station enjoyed a lot and also got so many information regarding HIV/ AIDS and TB.

Program at M.R Bangur Hospital:

Some of our staffs took part in the rally which was organized by M.R Bangur Hospital. In this rally more than 400 PLHIV/TB infected and affected people participated including CMOH (2) of MRBH , Superintendent (Baruipur Mahakuma Hospital), SMO(ART center,MRBH) and other staffs of ART center and Hospital from 9AM to 11AM.

Program at Diamond Harbour Hospital:

Some of our staffs attended the programme at Diamond Harbour Hospital as well where a rally was organized with 200 PLHIV/ TB infected and affected people including CMOH(Diamond Harbour Hospital), Counsellor of Diamond Harbour and Kakdwip ICTC and LAC, ASHA Karmi and other staffs of Hospital.

Program at Baruipur Sub Divisional Hospital:

We also attended a program at Baruipur Sub-Division hospital, where also a rally organized in which 150 PLHIV/TB infected and affected people participated including Superintendent(Baruipur Sub-Division hospital), Assistant Superintendent(Baruipur Sub-Division hospital),DOTs staff and  other staffs of the Hospital were present . Purpose this rally was to aware peoples and also gives some information about HIV/ AIDS and TB.

Mr. Khitish Mondal, the president, South 24 PG Network for People Living with HIV/AIDS (SNP+) thanked all participants, staffs, common people and government functionaries to make this event success and also share his valuable knowledge appeal to common people for combating HIV/AIDS and TB in the society.