South 24 PG Network of People Living With HIV/AIDS's(SNP+) AIM is to improve the socio-economic condition of PLHIV and other marginalized & vulnerable population in society.

Our Objectives are:


  • To strive for empowerment of people living with HIV/AIDS and other marginalized & vulnerable population in society from exploitation, negligence & injustice.

  • To ensure & implement economic, social, political & legal rights for PLHIV and TB population of the society.

  • To create livelihood opportunities for widow and Orphan children (infected and affected PLWHA, Street Children and Homeless women)and their attendants through Income Generation Activities.

  • To identify, treatment and care of health related problem as early as possible 
    through treatment segment.

  • To strive for emancipation of people living with HIV/AIDS from exploitation, negligence & injustice.

  • To provide shelter and protection to widow and children (both HIV infected and affected).

  •  link PLHIV(infected and affected) & TB with Government Hospital, School, Home and others rehabilitation centre. 

  • To Providing Counseling/BCC and knowledge Providing centre about 
    HIV/AIDS and TB.

  • Through General Meeting we discus our problems and try to solve it.