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Project Detail of Asha Kiran Programme

  • Association with Rotary India Literacy Mission

Association with Rotary is another remarkable achievement for SNP+ in this year. It is a wonderful experience to work with Rotary literacy mission for the Asha Kiran Project. Whenever we feel the need to approach them regarding any matter, we always receive a prompt and well considered reply. SNP+ would like to thank them especially for their assistance and enthusiastic attitude to work for social cause.

The major objective of this component is to reduce number of out-of-school children in selected under-served areas through provision of access to formal primary education. Asha Kiran Project also addresses the barriers to education faced by low income families. Children, who do not complete primary education because they drop out from their school due to poverty, poor quality of education and living in difficult, disaster prone areas are the targeted beneficiaries of Asha Kiran programme. By setting up of Children Learning Centers, that uses a multi grade system in education, children can finish primary school. Parents, community and the regular schools are actively participating in the centers. Greater access to quality education for all children is the motto of this programme.

  • Need assessment at Basanti-Canning
SNP+ conducted a need based assessment survey at Basanti– Canning with the help of Purnima Foundation. The major thrust was to find out certain issues related with the life of adolescent children. A set of questionnaire was made to find out certain points, which are:
  • Most adolescents who acquire HIV are infected through sexual behabiour. Many of them are recently infected and area unaware of their HIV infection status. Thus, many are in an early stage of HIV infection, which makes them ideal candidates for early interventions, such as prevention counseling, linkage to and engagement in care.
  • To understand the abstract ideas. These include grasping and developing moral philosophies, including rights and privileges. Establish and maintain satisfying relationships. Adolescents will learn to share intimacy without feeling worried or inhibited.
  • Move towards a more mature sense of themselves and their purpose.
  • To question old values without losing their identity. 
  • The sudden and rapid physical changes that adolescents go through make adolescents very self-conscious. They are sensitive, and are worried about their own physical  changes. They may make painful comparisons about themselves with their peers.