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Project Detail of Readymade Garment Making Project

Readymade Garment Making Project for women. The objective of the programme is to provide training to the poor and needy for improvement of their vocational skill to enable them to undertake income generating activities for achieving self-reliance on sustained basis.
1. Occupational details of the women of the locality
Most of the women in project area depend on work in fishery and day labour work in 
unorganized sectors including sex work. The closure of industries has forced the 
women to engage in other forms of employment like maid servant, aya nursing etc. 
Some of them go to the city area for labour work. The sight of women and children 
engaged in labour work in tea stall, eating houses, dhabas, hotels is quite common. 
Many women depend on sex work for livelihood.

2. Socio economic background of the locality
Major findings about socio-economic conditions of the people in the project 
a) Illiteracy (46%) and unawareness, lack of basic education facility for 
b) Health hazards, high rate of skin diseases, IMR and MMR; c) Lack of 
access to safe drinking water;
d) Poor sanitation, only 68% people of mainstream community use latrines;
e) No opportunity for any vocational skill training facility; 
f) About 30% people live below the poverty line; 
g) The status of women is critical, they are oppressed, exploited in all 
h) Day labour work are the main stay of livelihood; 
I) girl child marriage is a traditional practice; j) disability more than 
k) Child labour problem – trafficking of children in labour work and girl 
children in commercial sex work; 
L)Sex workers at risk of HIV.