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Success Story of Lets hope to enlighten the million positive lives

               Title: Let’s hope to enlighten the million positive lives

Case History

Alo(Name Changed), a misfortune abandoned lady from a place called Kumrahatirhat near Amtala in South 24 Parganas is detected HIV reactive from the ICTC of Amtala Rural Hospital. She was a street/pavement dweller and approximate 30 - 32 years of age and had no such so called “definite identity”.

Alo(Name Changed), a mentally deranged (schizophrenic) lady without any hedge around herself, had fallen in easy prey of masculine lust. It is assumed that she had been sexually assaulted by a miscreant and got her unwanted pregnancy.

Alo(Name Changed) generally loitered around the street of Kumrahatirhat. One day Alo(Name Changed) was found sitting on the pavement and weeping incessantly. A couple (Mr. & Mrs. Patra) was then going across the street. She was rescued by that “large-hearted couple” and got shelter in their home. The couple had dreamt a big dream of adopting her new born baby and render better upbringing to the baby like their son. They took good care of Alo(Name Changed) out of their self-interest of possessing the would be child! She was then eight months pregnant.

An NGO worker advised that couple to take her for HIV Testing at their adjacent ICTC. The couple was mostly convinced and agreed to visit at nearby ICTC Centre for HIV Testing of Alo(Name Changed). ICTC Counsellor of the Amtala Rural Hospital counselled her client Alo(Name Changed) and motivated her to go for HIV Testing. Alo(Name Changed) had undergone her test on April 7’ 2011. On 8th April’ 2011, ICTC Centre Amtala detected her to be HIV+ve.

The sad event is that after immediate detection of HIV reactivity, the “benevolent couple” did start to change their “philanthropic mask”. They did not agree to keep Alo(Name Changed) in their house as because of her HIV reactivity. They simply ignored their responsibility towards this hapless lady. ICTC Counsellor had tried her level best to convince them, in order to erase out stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, which are ingrained into the mind of that couple.  However, all went in vain. Panic monger neighbours & acquaintances restricted that couple to provide Alo(Name Changed) with shelter and necessary mental support. All emotions evolved from the bottom of the heart for hapless Alo(Name Changed) had been transpirated away like camphor!!! With the strict rules of social dictum, the couple even refused to accompany Alo(Name Changed) to STM (SCHOOL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE KOLKATA!!!

Link worker (Anowara Bewa) from the Project “Implementation of HIV/TB Intensified Package in the District of South 24 Parganas “, run by SNP+ had been informed by ICTC Counsellor and Alo(Name Changed) was taken to the SNP+. On 11/04/2011, Alo(Name Changed) was enrolled as a client in SNP+. We were taking good care of Alo(Name Changed). At night she got labour pain & organization’s staff had taken her to the Baruipur Sub-division Hospital. Alo(Name Changed) had given birth to a beautiful girl child (weighed approximate 3 kg) in the Baruipur Sub-division Hospital on 12th April’11 at 9.25 am. She has got Neverapine Suspension. 

Alo(Name Changed) is suffering from mental agony and trauma. As because of being a schizophrenic individual, she has absolutely no control over her mind and body. She can’t talk and trauma has made her total speechless. Her blank facial expression is saying about her hollow mind!!! Seldom she is talking to herself. She knows that she has given birth to a girl child but refuses to own her. Disha, the newborn baby & her mother, both of them are now been taken care of by SNP+.

SNP+ has been striving for providing them with proper shelter and better quality of life. At last by God’s grace the lady and her girl child have been placed in the lap of Heavenly Father at the Missionaries of Charity, “Shantidaan”, a Mother Teresa Centre on 29th April 2011.     


Let the little angel and her mother to flutter their silky wings!!